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One of our star products is Inositol, and we're eager to tell you more about this product.

What is Inositol?

Inositol is a naturally occurring carbohydrate that belongs to the vitamin B family, although it is technically not a vitamin. It plays a role in bodily processes.

Frequently Asked Questions about Inositol

1. Is Inositol safe to use?
Yes, Inositol is safe for most people. It is a natural substance that naturally occurs in our body and is considered safe when taken as a supplement, in addition to a varied diet. Always consult your doctor before adding a new supplement to your routine.

2. How should I take Inositol?
The recommended dosage can vary, so always read the label on the product you choose. Generally, Inositol is taken in powder form or capsules 1 to 2 times a day with food.

3. How long does it take before I see results?
This varies from person to person. Some people experience results within a few weeks, while others may need longer. Patience is important.

4. Can I combine Inositol with other supplements?
Yes, Inositol can safely be combined with other dietary supplements. However, it is always advisable to consult with your doctor if you want to use multiple supplements.

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