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Laveen, the trusted brand for natural health and beauty products, is now exclusively available at Bono.

The beginning of Laveen

The story of Laveen began in 2013, when Jo was expecting her first child for the first time. Like many expectant mothers, she looked for products that fit a conscious and healthy lifestyle.

She longed for dietary supplements that were 100% natural, sugar-free, and pure. But to her surprise, such products were not easily found.

This gave rise to the idea of creating a new brand herself. After more than two years of research, testing, and development in the Netherlands, Laveen was born.

The very first product they introduced was 'Olives Drops,' with the slogan 'Organic olive oil, vitamins, and nothing more.'

Why Laveen?

More and more parents are making conscious choices in their lifestyle. They only want the best for themselves, their family, and our planet. That's why they are always looking for natural and healthy products.

Conscious choices take time and attention, and sometimes it's hard to figure out where you can get them from. That's why Laveen makes supplements with simple ingredient lists, without unnecessary additives. This way, Laveen supports your natural lifestyle.

Did you know that 98% of Laveen's packaging is plastic-free? Their goal is to have a 100% plastic-free range by 2025.

Laveen supplements

At Bono, we are excited to share Laveen's range of dietary supplements and hair care products with you. Our products are carefully composed to help you get the best out of yourself. Let's take a closer look at what Laveen has to offer:

  • Laveen BIO Vega Mama Multi: Especially for expectant mothers, complete with essential nutrients.
  • Laveen Mama Multi: Support for mothers in all stages of motherhood.
  • Laveen Vitamin C Bio Acerola: For a healthy immune system and radiant skin.
  • Laveen Vega Multi Complete: A complete multivitamin, suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
  • Laveen BIO Vega Mama Pre+Probiotics: Supports a healthy digestion during pregnancy.

Frequently asked questions about Laveen

  1. What makes Laveen products different from other brands?
    Laveen is known for its use of natural ingredients without medical claims, resulting in high-quality products that promote health and beauty.

  2. Are Laveen products suitable for vegans?
    Yes, many Laveen products are suitable for vegans, and they are easily recognizable by the labeling on the packaging.

  3. Are Laveen products safe to use during pregnancy?
    Some Laveen supplements are specially designed for pregnant women. However, it remains important for pregnant women to consult a doctor before using Laveen products.

Buy Laveen at Bono?

Want to experience the magic of Laveen for yourself? Discover our Laveen range on Bono.nl and add them to your shopping cart. With our fast delivery, we make it easy for you to pamper yourself and others with the best health and beauty products.