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Shampoo bars

Do you wash your hair with a "normal" shampoo? Or do you wash your hair with a shampoo bar? The shampoo bar is becoming increasingly popular, also known as a hair soap block or shampoo soap. The shampoo bar is just an excellent addition in a world where we are increasingly aware of consumption and sustainability. Did you know that with a shampoo bar, you contribute to a plastic-free future and save water? So wash your hair with zero waste and plastic-free!

What exactly are shampoo bars?

A shampoo bar or hair soap block is exactly the same as a regular shampoo. A shampoo bar has a solid shape instead of a liquid. In addition, liquid shampoo consists of 80% water. A shampoo bar consists mainly of natural ingredients. The basis of regular shampoo bars contains one or more of the following substances: sodium palm oil, shea butter, sodium lauryl sulfate, palm oil, olive oil, glycerin and water. Your shampoo bar will last 90 to 110 washes and will give you a bottle-free bathroom!

How did shampoo bars come about?

It is probably already clear that the shampoo bar is making a comeback. But how did it all start? Why is the shampoo bar back? In the past, for example, vegetable starch and wood ash were used to absorb excess oils in the hair and thus cleanse the hair. In the early 19th century, people also started using soap bars. These soap bars were made from palm fruits and coconut oil and were used for both hair and body.

In the 1930s and 1940s, with the emergence of liquid agents that scientists created to efficiently remove dirt, opportunistic cosmetic companies came up with the liquid shampoo idea. This was the beginning of a billion-dollar industry! As a result, the soap bar effect ebbed away for a while and everyone was captivated by the "magic" of liquid shampoo and other new cosmetics that shot up like mushrooms. Around 1988, soap bar pioneer Lush re-emerged with the renaissance of shampoo and soap bars. In recent years, you have also noticed that there are more and more movements that are committed to a plastic-free and more sustainable future. The HappySoaps brand is a good example of this.

Why a shampoo bar instead of "normal" shampoo?

There are several reasons why you might choose to go for a shampoo bar:

  • You want to contribute to a plastic-free future with a shampoo bar.
  • A shampoo bar lasts longer, which also makes your wallet happy.
  • A bathroom without plastic bottles is better for the world, but also more beautiful!
  • Just because you want to go back to basics.
  • Most shampoo bars contain only natural ingredients.
  • By using a shampoo bar, you also save water.
  • Regular shampoo often contains chemical ingredients.
  • With a shampoo bar, you can wash your hair an average of 90 to 110 times.
  • All those colourful soap and shampoo bars brighten up your bathroom!

What kind of shampoo bars are there?

There are more and more brands and types of shampoo bars. If you only look at the shampoo bar brand HappySoaps, there is a suitable shampoo bar for every hair type. For blond hair, you can use the Purple Rain shampoo bar. If you suffer from dandruff or a sensitive scalp, we recommend the Aloe Vera You Much shampoo bar. If you have dry and damaged hair, you will benefit from the nourishing properties of the Coco Nut. And also to get the best out of your curls, there is a shampoo bar: the You're One in a Melon! So there is a shampoo bar for every hairstyle that will make your hair happy!

Which shampoo bar is for dry and damaged hair?

Do you have dry and badly damaged hair? And do you want to contribute to a plastic-free future and a sustainable lifestyle? Then you can wash your hair with the following shampoo bars. This is how you give your dry and damaged hair strands a mega boost!

Aloë You Vera Much
Due to the caring nature of aloe vera, this shampoo bar is best for damaged hair. In addition, the shampoo bar also works well against an itchy and sensitive scalp and dandruff. With normal or oily hair, this shampoo bar keeps your hair and scalp healthy.

Are you a lover of the scent of green tea and do you suffer from damaged, limp and dry hair? Then Tea-Riffic, the shampoo for your hair locks! You can also use this green tea shampoo bar on normal hair for a nice scent and soothing effect on your scalp.

Cinnamon Roll
Big fan of cinnamon? And suffer from dry, limp, damaged and thin hair? Then Cinnamon Roll fits your hair perfectly. You can also use this spicy aroma sensation for normal hair. Cinnamon nourishes and cares for your hair so that it shines again.

Chamomile Down & Carry On
Fancy spring vibes in your bathroom? This bright yellow chamomile shampoo bar makes you happy as a (coloured) blonde! Also the Chamomile Down &. Carry On is ideal for a sensitive scalp and damaged hair. Two birds with one stone.

Which shampoo bar is for sensitive skin?

Do you suffer from a sensitive scalp that often itches or flakes? Then Aloe You Vera Much, Tea-Riffic and Chamomile Down & Carry On are the best to combat itching and irritation, while optimally nourishing and caring for your hair. The Purple Rain is also suitable for sensitive skin, you can also use this shampoo bar as a silver shampoo.

Which shampoo bar for curls?

Are you the proud owner of curls? Then you also know that curls often do what they want. We also have a shampoo bar for your graceful springs: You're One in a Melon. A shampoo bar that tames frizzy and frizzy hair. The moisturizing and nourishing properties of melon ensure that your curls are beautifully defined. Don't you want this too?

Which shampoo bar is for normal hair?

If you have normal hair and not much special needs to be done besides cleaning, you can treat yourself with the shampoo bars Purple Rain or In need or Vitamin Sea. This way you are assured of a fresh coupe and keep it healthy!

Which shampoo bar for colour protection?

Do you want to protect your coloured hair strands so that your hair colour does not fade quickly? Then, depending on the colour, we recommend either the Purple Rain (especially nice for blondes) or the Chamomile Down & Carry On shampoo bar! Protective, nourishing and soothing, all in one shampoo bar.

Using a shampoo bar, how do you do that?

At first, you may think: what a hassle with a shampoo bar. But nothing is less true! It works quite simply.

  1. Wet your hands.
  2. Rub the shampoo between your palms. You can also rub the shampoo bar directly over your hair.
  3. Massage your hair with the foam you now have.
  4. Rinse the foam from your hair.
  5. Store the shampoo bar in a dry place, such as a wooden board or a shampoo bar bag.
  6. And voila; you now have clean hair and contributed to a better world.

After the shampoo bar turn, you could go for a conditioner bar if necessary. This way you give extra hydration to your hair.

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